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GoPro journalism


Even considered becoming a citizen journalist? If so, a GoPro is the must-have tool in your kit. According to goproandjournalism.com, a website that aims to provide a platform for “stories told with GoPro”, quite a few reporters choose the action cam as their news recorder of choice. And it’s quite obvious why.

GoPro has been able to capture news in various categories: from the expected action sports to war reporting, political news, exposing bribery, poaching and more.


War Zone News Reporting


Lindsey Snell, a documentary filmmaker and reporter for Vocativ, has used GoPro to take interviews of soldiers fighting against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. When asked about why she had chosen GoPro instead of a traditional camera rig, she responded:

“Syria is a dangerous country to report from…especially because Western journalists have become targets. There are some areas we can’t roll up to with noticeable camera rigs. The gopro’s small enough to be discreet. Also, they’re great for driving shots.”

Here’s one of her latest videos from goproandjournalism.com



Involuntary Crime Journalism


Sometimes it’s not about preparing to become a reporter — sometime the right, or wrong moment finds you by itself. And then, having a GoPro by your side can come in super handy.

This biker has managed to record a robbery attempt in South Africa — on himself.



Exposing Dictatorships


The video below offers a rare glimpse into the closed off environment of North Korea. A Singaporean photographer Aram Pan captured this footage in Pyongyang’s streets giving his viewers a chance to see what a dictatorship looks like every day.



Check out goproandjournalism.com and perhaps try on the role of a citizen reporter. With Vitrima snapped onto your cam, your reports are sure to stand out.


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