on Thursday, September 8th, 2016
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Yep, it’s a different world out there. Whereas just several years ago, the most a squirrel could do is snatch your sunglasses or ring when you were too slow when feeding the animal nuts. These days, a squirrel can run away with your GoPro — and make stunning footage while at it.

This furry tree dweller made headlined with a YouTube video that got the animal over 44,000 views and practically international fame. You can watch the masterpiece below:



The footage does take its viewers to new heights — literally. But that’s not the only case of an animal in a director role. In 2015, a seagull snatched a GoPro from a gullible German tourist and used the cam (whether knowingly or by accident) to create breathtaking footage of the Atlantic coast. The video had a grand finale as well — a masterful selfie of the perpetrator.



A year earlier on the island of Bali a monkey stole a GoPro from a beginner wildlife photographer (oh, the irony) and took a fun selfie. That same year, an elephant in the West Midlands Safari Park, England in England used a dropped camera to take a photo of himself as well.

We applaud animal friends’ artistic ambition and can’t help but wonder — what would they be capable of if they got their hands on Vitrima?

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