on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016
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GoPro vs. My Life


Snowboarding, cliff jumping, surfing and air gliding…GoPro has come to be associated with some of the world’s most insanely extreme sports and videos that show them at their best (or their most dangerous).

While GoPro is the must have item in most adventurers’ toolkits, a lot of “regular” people are big fans of the gadget as well. Some use it to record interesting events in their lives, others adopt it to their work needs, some cook with it and others use it to spy on their animals when not at home.

Then there are those who secretly hope that getting a GoPro would put them on a fame-filled road of extreme adventures. This was probably the case with YouTuber Mike Fry. However, Mike quickly realized that the reality was be quite far from what he had envisioned — and his GoPro action videos were not up to par with those trending online.

Luckily, Mike is the guy with a great sense of humor. And, instead of feeling disappointed, he went on to make one of the most hilarious YouTube compilation videos, comparing extreme adventures to his own videos.



With over 3 million views on YouTube, Mike’s video has hit a note with many a GoPro owner. The trend has caught on with more users making “GoPro vs. My Life” videos.



And how does your life compare to extreme GoPro vids? Try shooting one with Vitrima 😉 #GoProvsmylife

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