on Friday, July 8th, 2016
  • Epic GoPro Uses

While we have come to associate GoPro with cool action shots, summer fun and exotic locations, the little gadget is way more versatile than that. As YouTube has shown, the sports cam can be used for much more than adventure shots and “how did they do that”- footage. The little gadget, despite its miniature size, can initiate a big change.

Case in point: using GoPro to record reckless driving. Quite a few GoPro fans have chosen the action cam instead of a conventional dashcam because of greater video quality. And yes, it helps them expose the bad guys.

Check out a few reckless driving videos below:


Agh! That is simply wrong. Want to join the good cause with your trusty GoPro?


Setting up your GoPro dashcam is really easy.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • GoPro cam (for instance, Hero 3)
  • suction mount
  •  charging cable
  • car charger
  •  drill

Here’s what you do:

  1.     Remove GoPro from plastic housing.
  2.     Drill a hole in the housing on the side where USB input is located.
  3.     Suction your GoPro to the windshield. For a better angle of the road, you may choose to mount it upside down.
  4.     Plug one end of the charging cable into GoPro (remember that whole we drilled earlier) and the other into your vehicle outlet via a USB car charger


You’re all set for your first patrol!

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