on Wednesday, July 20th, 2016
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Wedding photos by dog

Thinking of hiring a photographer for your wedding? Hold on. Do you have a dog?

A couple from Tennessee have decided to assign this important role of recording memories to their dog Ryder. The wedding took place on the snowy Roan Mountain, where the couple had the first date nearly ten years earlier. And Ryder managed to capture some really nice shots as he went about doing what dogs do: getting excited, running around, greeting guests and staying close to the happy couple.

The resulting footage offers a unique view of the events and is definitely not your average cookie cutter wedding video.

See for yourself.

(Think how awesome that would be in 3D 😉

The trend, as you may have expected, has caught on. Even companies like Nikon have joined in. The company 3D printed a custom case for its cameras to be mounted onto dogs and take photos from the animal’s view. But that’s not all. The case is connected to a heart rate monitor strap and the attached camera will snap photos every time the dog’s heart rate increases.

Nikon’s test photos came out looking very decent and more than worthy of an Instagram post.

The flaw in the plan?

Dogs get excited. A lot. So the camera may be running out of storage space pretty quickly. But, then again, this is a minor downside compared to the happy footage you are guaranteed to get from the experiment.

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