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on Friday, June 3rd, 2016
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GoPro is meant for the fun and the extreme. At least, this is what we have come to think of the tough little action camera.

Yet, as practice shows, there is no stopping creativity. And if you are not quite ready to skydive or go looking for the next big wave from Point Break, there are still a lot of cool things you can capture that will earn you lots of  YouTube followers.

Let’s take cooking for example. Now I know what you’re thinking, “what does a GoPro camera have to do with cooking?” Don’t worry, we’ll explain. You might be surprised at how much you can do.


Share A Recipe


Good food is meant to be shared. Instead of scribbling complicated instructions on a piece of paper, why not make your recipe fun and interactive?

Capturing the cooking process is easy. Just think about where you want to mount your camera. As shown in the videos below, where you mount your GoPro is really important. While it makes sense to have your camera strapped to your chest or head as you move around the kitchen, don’t be afraid to experiment. Changing the perspective will make your cooking tutorial much more fun to watch.

Learn how to make chili to some energetic tunes with Sal Massoun



Want to make it even more interactive? Check out this guy playing around with crazy GoPro mounts to give you the ultimate kitchen experience.



Show Off Your Cooking Skills with a Timelapse Video


Want the world to know how smooth you are in the kitchen? Can’t wait to show your significant other how hard you’ve worked to prepare that burnt soufflé? A timelapse video captures just that.

Check out Reece Watkinson cooking a 3-course Valentine’s Day meal to a surprisingly fitting soundtrack of “Flight of the Bumblebee”.



Extreme Cooking, Anyone?


Forget about what we said at the beginning of this post. It seems like it’s much harder to take the extreme out of GoPro than we originally thought. How else do you explain this guy boiling his GoPro so that the world can see what happens to a poached egg?


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