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GoPro Accessories


Ready to head out for that long-planned vacation? Don’t forget to pack everything you need to return home with awesome footage. Here are a few things you might want to make space for in your suitcase if you are traveling with your GoPro. Check out these cool GoPro travel accessories!


Red Filter For Creating Underwater Footage


Fan of scuba diving? Then you must also really enjoy hunting for that awesome underwater footage. Colorful corals and rare marine life look would look amazing in your vacation video gallery — and even better if you have the right accessories for your dives. A red underwater filter, like the one from Polar Pro, will help you instantly color correct photos — a very useful feature if you want to make your footage less blue, especially as depths over 20 feet.


GoPro Frame For Great Audio


Sometimes it’s not so much about the action — but rather about your impressions of the trip. If you want to share a thought or two about what you are seeing around, you may want to boost your GoPro’s audio capabilities. Try adding GoPro Frame Housing to your filming kit. True, this means your action cam will no longer be waterproof — but you will be getting crystal clear audio, which is great for vlogging.


Sticky Mounts For An Active Vacation


Adhesives are great GoPro accessories — cheap, compact, super easy to use and they won’t take up room in your luggage. They are also indispensable on action-filled trips when going kayaking, bike riding and more.


Safety Leash For Never Losing Your GoPro


Let’s face it: GoPro is a pricey little gadget. To make sure you leave your vacation with your GoPro and not having accidentally dropped it off a cliff or left behind in a coffee shop, get yourself a safety leash for your action camera. This simple inexpensive gadget may end up saving you a hefty sum.


Camera Extender (okay, selfie stick) For Great Angles


No matter how “it’s not about me” you want your vacation footage or photos to be, sometimes nothing beats a good selfie. While the common selfie stick may well do the job, when it comes to action photography it may be worth going the extra mile. GoPro Evo is a telescopic selfie stick that extends up to 24 inches and can even float in water.

Oh, yes — there is one more thing.


Vitrima 3D Lens For Truly Immersive Footage


Let’s be honest: not all of your family and friends would be excited to sit through the full-length demo of your vacation story. Unless, that is, there is something in it for them. How about instead of showing off how much you’ve had this summer, you take your viewers with you with stunning 3D footage? Not to toot our own horn, but this is exactly what we’ve created Vitrima for. Take a peek.

Can’t wait to make Vitrima part of your GoPro kit? Sign up for updates here.

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