on Sunday, June 5th, 2016
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While the world of extreme sports already offers an extensive list of ways to get hurt and yes, feel that adrenaline rush in your veins, for some, it’s still not enough.

And so they head out to search for the new, the crazy and, sometimes, the ridiculous. So, if bungee jumping or skydiving don’t do it for you anymore, how about any of the 5 new extreme sports below?

River Bugging


You might think that kayaking down a speedy mountain rivers is as dangerous as water activities might get. Well, no.

River bugging is a new sport originating from New Zealand (home to quite a few funky sports activities). Bugs (if that’s the right name) ditch puncture-proof kayaks for inflatable armchair-looking boats that are so small that their feet are left sticking out — just for the fun of it.



Volcano Boarding


Move over, snowboarding — volcano boarding is way hotter. Literally. The sport requires racing down active volcanoes at mind-boggling speeds clad in a protective jumpsuit.



MUni (Mountain Unicycling)


Unicycling is pretty extreme in itself, right? Wrong! Apparently, unless you are doing it on a mountain, the danger level is not high enough. So, if you want to go all in, hop on a unicycle and ride down a steep winding mountain path. As you balance on a uni-wheeler and try to avoid trees and boulders in your way, you just might just see the true face of danger.



Limbo Skating


Bordering on the impossible, limbo skating involves roller skating under cars. The latest rage in India, the sport already has its heroes. Aniket Chindak holds the world record for ‘limbo-skating’ beneath 57 cars.





If you want to partake in the extreme sports trend, but do not have the flexibility required for limbo skating, nor the muscles needed in river bugging, how about rolling down a slope in a giant ball? Zorbing, although quite bizarre, is a real thing. Surprise, surprise — it originates from New Zealand.


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