on Monday, June 13th, 2016
  • Epic GoPro Uses

So, still thinking what you could get up to today with your GoPro?


Well, do you have a dog?


Turns out, man’s best friends lead quite exciting lives and manage to accomplish so much throughout the day that it could make a workaholic jealous. With that said, watching how much fun your four-legged friend is having every day might make you want to trade places.

Don’t believe us? Just ask Johnny Neon. In his video “Hearts”, you are getting a front-row seat to watch a movie full of fantastic canine adventures: from rolling in the sand on the beach to playing catch and fishing for snacks — this 3-minute video has it all.

The video was directed by Dave Meinert: he attached a GoPro to his friend’s dog, using a custom-built rig made from soccer shin guard and an H-harness. Which makes it one of the most positive and energetic low-budget videos we have ever seen.

Quite a lot of pet owners have taken up the role of directors and there is no shortage of inspiration on YouTube.

The video of this excited lab running to the water and splashing in the sea is sure to make most viewers reminisce about summer vacation.

And this video captures the happiness of a pooch arriving at a dog park.

While some dog owners are eager to see the world from their pet’s perspective, others are intrigues by their canine’s secret life — the one that occurs once they’re out the door.

So, want to know what your dog is up to? It’s really quite simple. All you need is your GoPro or a similar action cam and the right harness. Luckily, the market has responded quickly and you already have a nice selection of dedicated harnesses — made specifically for mounting a camera on your dog. What a world we live in!

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