on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016
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GoPro Dance Videos


Lots of stunning action videos have been filmed with GoPro. Yet, the mini action cam’s versatility has let it expand into other areas like cooking, filming pets, wedding photography and even the arts. Today, we take a look at some of the best GoPro dance videos: from the classic waltz to a fast-paced subway dance.



Waltz On The Walls Of The City Hall


The dance may be a classic, but with GoPro you can’t expect to have no action element. In this video, the elegant dance is performed by dancer while suspended from the City Hall.



Burning Man Dance Floor


A great GoPro dance video takes time, effort, lots of takes or…it can be an accident. This was exactly the case with this Burning Man dance floor video which was captured when a GoPro fell from a drone.



Street Hula Hoop Dance


Seems like a simple two-step is not good enough for GoPro. Well, unless you add acrobatics to it and 30 hula hoops. Which is what happened in this video.



Breakdancing in Beijing


One of the many great things about GoPro is that it has been able to unite performers and action video enthusiasts throughout the world. This video of breakdancing in Beijing is a good proof of that.



Crash-dancing A Diner


Flash mobs may be a thing of the past, but delighting people with random dance performances is just as popular as ever. Check out this fun dance video in the 24 hour diner.



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