on Friday, August 12th, 2016
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Capture special moments in truly powerful way with these 5 GoPro accessories that make the world’s most popular action camera even more versatile. With these fun mounts, lights and stabilizers, you can do almost anything — without bulking up your action camera.


Eachshot Z1-Rider




Image stabilization can greatly improve the look and professionalism of your pics and videos. This is especially true when it comes to action shots. The Z1 gimbal stands out from the competition because it does not require a lot of getting used to and only takes up a few minutes to setup and configure. It is a true 3-axis motorized gimbal with an all-metal body for enhanced durability.


Samsung 64GB Pro+



Some of the biggest problems with action cameras are associated with under-performing micro SD cards. You can solve these issues once and for all with the Samsung 64GB Pro+. Rated as a class 10 and sporting at 95mb/s read and 90mb/s write speeds, the card is not cheap — but ideal for 4K video and fast video capture


Manfrotto Off Road ThrilLED LED Light Kit



We all love the fact that GoPro is super portable. However, this portability comes at a price. The camera can’t always provide you with the best lighting. True, there are a lot of lighting accessories available — but while being able to provide all the needed light, they tend to take away from GoPro’s famed portability. Luckily, this is where the Manfrotto Off Road ThrilLED LED Light Kit comes in. The lights attach with a discreet metal bracket and can be used simultaneously with other mounts and accessories.





Want to turn your GoPro into a shuttlecock? Just in case you were wondering — you can. The Birdie is probably the best GoPro beach accessory ever — it makes your GoPro an oversized shuttlecock. All you have to do is hit “record” and throw it in the air for some awesome summer footage.


3DR Solo


3DR Solo

If you are looking to go higher, some aerial gadgetry will do the trick. Drone photography is becoming increasingly popular and you will find quadcopters that come equipped with everything you might need for filming — including a dedicated 4K cam. However, if you prefer to stick to your trusted GoPro, you need to look for a compatible drone. The 3DR Solo is the one to check out. Coming with intelligent flight features, such as Orbit, Cable Cam and Follow Me and working with both working with both Android and non-Android devices, the quadcopter can quickly become your GoPro’s best friend.


Vitrima Lens


Vitrima Lens

Ah, we almost forgot. You can now shoot 3D videos with your GoPro. Coming attached to a standard GoPro housing unit, Vitrima is instantly ready to shoot 3D — when you are.

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