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Cliff Jumping


Feel like doing something crazy? Welcome to the world of cliff jumping or cliff diving. When common snorkeling doesn’t hit the spot anymore, some take water fun to the next level — a level up to 30 meters above the water.

Cliff divers jump into the blue unknown from stunning heights — and in breathtaking locations.

Here are our top 5.


Phi Phi Don, Krabi, Thailand


Some come to Thailand to lie on the beach and sip cocktails. Some climb 85-feet rocks and jump into an abyss. A rock at Wang Long Bay on Phi Phi Don is one of the most popular cliff diving spots in Thailand and has been featured in a myriad of photos and postcards circulating the world.


Poco do Diablo in Chapada Diamantina, Brazil


True to its name, this cliff diving jewel is hiding away a 4 hour drive from Salvador. While Thailand welcomes divers with inviting turquoise waters, Poco do Diablo intrigues with dark waters in the shades of towering cliffs.


Lana’I, Oahu, Hawaii


Yes, the peaceful paradise is not all hulas and fun. Lana’i, in particular, is home to one of the world’s famous cliff jumping sites. King Kahekili himself (king of Maui and a distinguished warrior) used to challenge his soldiers to jump of the cliff to prove their bravery. The tradition still continues — but on a way more voluntary basis.

Rick’s Cafe—Negril, Jamaica


No, Rick’s Café is not your typical resort coffee corner. Sure, you can grab a drink here — but you probably won’t be able to finish it due to adrenaline rush. Opened all the way back in 1974, Rick’s Café sits atop a 35-feet rock, from where divers attempt their conquests. It’s also one of the best places to catch a truly Caribbean sunset.

Ord River, Kimberley, West Australia, Australia


Australia is known for its toughness. And it comes as no surprise that it hosts quite a few cliff jumping spots. One of them is the Ord River — or rather, the cliffs that frame it. Reaching up to 85 feet in height, they are a challenge even for some of the most experienced divers. Extra perk? Kimberley region is one of the least populated areas on Earth.

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